What is the tuition at MVBC Preschool?

The tuition is $1325 per month. There is no separate activity or materials fee.

What are the MVBC Preschool Hours?

We offer a full day program. Children may come any time between 7am and 6pm. The main academic portion of our program occurs between 9am and 1pm.

Is MVBC Preschool a full time and year round program?

Yes, MVBC Preschool is open year round and offers full-day classes, Monday through Friday.

Does MVBC Preschool follow Arlington County for weather related school closures?

Yes, we follow Arlington County schools for all weather related closures including delayed openings and early closures.

What curriculum does MVBC Preschool use?

“Curriculum is not found in a book.  It is in every child that walks through the door” – Carla Rinaldi

This quote is what MVBC Preschool is inspired by and where our curriculum comes from.  Through observation and discussion, the children share their ideas and interests during a period of time with their teachers.  The teachers then use those interest to create meaningful learning opportunities that allow the children to expand on their previously existing knowledge through exploration and play.  The teachers consider the individual differences and learning styles of the children as they facilitate the  exploration and experimentation to answer the many “why’s” of life, in a positive social environment, that validates the children’s questions and ideas leading them to a better understand of self, others and the world around them.

Is MVBC Preschool a nut free environment?

Yes, due to the rise in serious nut allergies (sometimes resulting in illness and death), we ask that parents DO NOT bring foods containing nuts to MVBC Preschool.

Do children have to be potty trained to start?

We understand that all children are different with varying schedules and timing. Your child does not have to be potty trained to start in the program.

Does my child need to bring lunch and snacks?

MVBC Preschool provides a morning and afternoon snack to all children.  Parents should provide a healthy lunch for their child (no nut products please).

Is MVBC Preschool licensed?

Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Preschool is religiously exempt from licensure. We have met all health and safety requirements and work hard to ensure the best educational environment for our students.