Preschool Testimonials

Ivy Estoesta: We are grateful to have MVBC preschool in our neighborhood–we are more than pleased with the quality of care and education provided by the preschool during the school year and during summer camp. In our experience, Mrs. Vasquez (MVBC Director) and our child’s teachers (current and past) are friendly and genuinely enjoy caring for and teaching the children.
Student at play

Our eldest child (now 6 years old) attended the preschool from ages 3 – 5 and was well prepared for transitioning to Kindergarten at APS. Our middle child (now 3 years old) began attending the preschool at age 2.5 and is thriving under its curriculum. For example, she can identify all her letters and numbers, is developing her penmanship, and knows some basic Spanish words (e.g., colors) and phrases (e.g, greetings, salutations, etc.). We wish we could enroll our youngest child (still a newborn) in the school sooner!

The school is also great about keeping parents in the loop. For example, we receive a newsletter outlining the month’s special events (birthdays, holidays, etc.) and the planned curriculum (e.g., letter and number of the week, Bible stories, etc. that will be covered). We also receive a daily report of our child’s behavior and the schoolwork completed that day, and weekly updates on the Brightwheel app with photos of our child engaged in a school activity (e.g., painting, show & tell, recess, etc.). At the end of the quarter, we receive a report card summarizing our child’s educational and behavioral progress.

We also really enjoy the social events that the preschool hosts (e.g., Fall Festival parade, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas program, and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day brunch). Though the pandemic prevented us from celebrating the Mother’s Day and Fathers Day brunches in person during the 2020 Spring semester, the virtual appreciation events that the school hosted were absolutely wonderful!

Carol Ruesink: I could not be more thankful for MVBP – we began by enrolling our Pre-K’er after difficulty in finding just the right preschool. The love and affection that MVBP provides is like sending your child to family. When COVID continued into the new school year, they opened their arms to our older child, a first grader, and she actually prefers MVBP over her elementary school. Our preschooler, who is now in K is thriving – both of our children are thriving, even during a pandemic.

I just cannot say enough about this little school. I have referred other families to MVBP and they too are equally impressed in the care that is provided. There is just so much warmth and love – something that is missing from many schools these days

Sarah Cruz: Mt Vernon has been such a blessing and support to our family.  When I went back to work in August, we knew my four year old needed more structured learning and play. Mt Vernon has provided an engaging learning environment for him.  The class sizes are small and spaced out so we feel that precautions are taken to keep everyone safe. With Ms. Vasquez and Ms. Smith, my son has improved on both fine motor skills and his enthusiasm for reading and letter sounds.  He is given many opportunities to print his letters and likes to do it. Lastly, I am so happy that his emotional and spiritual development are nurtured as he has been taught a prayer and engaging stories from the Bible.  Thank you to the team at Mt Vernon Baptist Church.

Student outside

Mr. Dansereau: MVBCP has provided a terrific environment for our son over the past year both during the summer camp program and currently in supporting him as a first grader.  The Director and teaching staff are highly responsive and tuned into the needs of each child while also developing a steady stream of creative group activities and fun special events.  Our son has built close bonds in the program and we remain appreciative of MVBCP’s role in his academic and spiritual growth this year.  Program communication is also excellent and always professional, using a nice balance of email, newsletters and mobile apps to share program information, photos and updates to help keep families informed and engaged.

Elisabeth Delisle: My daughter has thrived during her 2.5 years at Mt. Vernon Preschool. The teachers are highly skilled educators who are compassionate, patient, and committed to the children’s wellbeing. The curriculum is engaging, dynamic, and age appropriate; the school strikes an excellent balance between academic, social and emotional development. My husband and I have been particularly impressed with the Director’s leadership during the pandemic; her dedication to the children and the school community are inspiring.

Michael Johnson: The 1st-3rd grade program has been excellent. My daughter has made new friends, loves her teacher, and is thriving in the Arlington Public School (APS) online curriculum, thanks to MVBC’s approach. MVBC has successfully balanced supporting APS with additional MVBC instruction, plenty of play, and consistent safety protocols to keep everyone healthy.

Sarah Kennedy: This is what my son told me about MVBCP: “I love school, and I like school more than being at home.” From a parent perspective, I would add that the school is warm and friendly while providing a wonderful education for our son. He is learning, growing, and happy.  He is eager to join his classmates, and I have been impressed with the quality of the school! Not to mention, two outdoor playgrounds and a large indoor play space.

Christine & John Saddy: “We are continually impressed by how well Mrs. Vasquez and all the teachers at MVBCP know the children and how great is their love and compassion to every single kid. Our daughter Naya loves school, and she wants to go there even on the weekends! Kudos to all the teachers, especially Mrs. Vasquez for her outstanding work and wonderful loving and caring personality. MVBCP is the best preschool in Arlington and offers the best environments for the kids to learn and grow—we highly recommend it.”

Andrea Pudlo We consider ourselves so lucky to have found Mt Vernon Baptist Church Preschool. Our son is excited to go to school everyday. He is learning so much and getting great social interactions with the other students. The teachers have been amazing. And the Director has worked hard to meet our special needs making this the perfect fit for us. All around, this school is the best.