First Responders

First Responder

R.E.S.T. Stop East is a secure sanctuary where First Responders may find respite; and experience renewal in non-contact space and much more. It is a sincere, tangible expression of appreciation and gratitude for the women and men who are routinely exposed to dangers while protecting and serving us.

First Responders (police, fire/rescue, EMS, federal agents, and civilian employees of these agencies) in jurisdictions proximate to Arlington County, VA., are invited to stop by and refresh. In addition to solace, on-site amenities will include coffee, water, grab and go food, Wi-Fi, and restrooms.

The security of our community depends upon the wellness and safety of our first responders.  Police, fire, and emergency responder personnel extend themselves day and night throughout all of the seasons of the year in response to our calls for help.  In fulfillment of their sacred call to public service, they exhaust themselves through acts of kindness and self-sacrifice.  At Mount Vernon we embrace our responsibility to partner with these good men and women who model Christ by serving others.  You’re invited to join us as we pray for our first responder community and activate intentional ministries designed to restore their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Contact The First Responder Ministry led by Pastor Sam.

Restoring Essential Servants Together (R.E.S.T.) Stop East


To dedicate and sustain a safe haven where first responders may find respite and experience renewal as the communities they serve collaboratively answer their call to serve them.

Why we serve

R.E.S.T. Stop East is more than dedicates space.  It is an expression of gratitude for the courageous women and men whose repeated exposure to danger and evil during the routine of their vocational lives is our shield from harm—it is our deposit into a life from which much has been withdrawn.  It is our Stewardship.

Who we serve

R.E.S.T. Stop East is open to first responders (police, fire/rescue, EMS, federal agents and civilian employees of these agencies) serving in local, state, and federal agencies in jurisdictions proximate to Arlington County, Va.  Our rest stop is a place where public servants can find cold water, hot coffee, or a snack while on duty.  They may also access Wi-Fi, catch up on paperwork, or glance at an inspirational article.


R.E.S.T. Stop East is a tangible extension of the First Responder ministry at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.  It is housed in space retro fitted by church members using member donations and a grant provided by the NorthStar Church Network.

In addition to support from the membership, R.E.S.T Stop East will receive funding through non-traditional partnerships with local businesses.  Our partnership with California Tortilla, 2450 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA  22202, is an example of the partnerships we are seeking to establish.  California Tortilla sponsors “Spirit Night” events.  Patrons are invited to say “first responder” when ordering meals during preset hours.  At the end of the event, a percentage of the funds received from “first responder” orders is donated to the ministry.


R.E.S.T. Stop East is affiliated with Responder Life network of Rest Stops. General Information about Responder Life may be accessed at