Youth Ministry

Mt Vernon Youth and Parish Group

Mount Vernon is actively developing events and activities to meet the needs of all age groups.  Below are some of the opportunities to get involved.


Our nursery services are provided during the 11:00am Worship Service.

Working in the nursery is an illustration of God’s providence and parental care for us. We imitate God as we care for the newborns and toddlers who are helpless to care for themselves. You’ll enjoy the innocence, sweetness, and beauty of the little ones and also have the opportunity to influence their understanding of the world that our God has made for them. You’re invited to join other like-minded believers in developing our nursery ministry.

Mount Vernon recently completed a wonderful new nursery for children from infant to four years of age. All are welcome! Contact for more information on this age group.


Multiple events and activities are planned for children in this age group. Contact for more information on this age group.