The vitality of any worship congregation is dependent upon a spiritually mature deacon ministry. As the oldest ministry in the New Testament church, members who are identified and ordained as deacons accept the responsibility of servant leadership. Through prayer, Bible study, and cultural literacy, deacons are prepared by the Holy Spirit to work with the ministerial staff to ensure the spiritual vitality of the church. Men and woman ordained to serve as deacons cultivate a keen spirit for the many ways in which the body of Christ must meet the needs of the world.


The trustees serve as the official, legal servants in matters of business. Normally the Board of Trustees sign legal documents on behalf of the church, particularly as property and financial contracts are involved. The trustees, serving as custodians of the church property, shall include its proper maintenance and insurance, etc., and shall act on behalf of the church in selling and acquiring property. Trustees must be a full-fledged members of the church.


Managing church facilities is more than just managing brick and mortar. The required skill sets include planning, scheduling, operations and maintenance, volunteer recruiting, security, budgeting, counseling, empathizing, purchasing, and the list goes on. The Facility Manager ensures that all church systems operate properly, oversees custodial duties for the church, acts as liaison between tenants and the church, works with contract negotiations, and approves or disapproves use and rental requests from tenants and non-tenants.


Landscaping is a simple way to make an impact on a church’s overall appearance. Adding trees, shrubs and flowers makes any space look more welcoming. Not only does landscaping create a more beautiful and inviting aesthetic for the church, but it can also provide a variety of community-building opportunities.


There is no second opportunity to make a first impression. This is why gifted ushers are blessed with warm personalities, inviting smiles, and keen sensitivities. Ushers are called to facilitate order during corporate worship. They ensure the comfort of members and guests by supplying them with worship resources such as Bibles, hymn books, and offering envelopes. If you find joy in serving other people, then the usher ministry is for you!