At Mount Vernon, we embrace the mandate of Jesus Christ to live in communion and community with God and one another. You may join us by letter, Christian experience or as a candidate for baptism.

Contact our Pastor for more information about joining Mount Vernon.



As members of God’s family, we meet for worship, fellowship, instruction in the Word, and service to humanity through various outreach programs (see the ministry displays).  Mount Vernon’s strategic location presents many opportunities for community service and interaction with our multinational membership.  There is room for everyone to grow spiritually and exercise their God-given talents and abilities as we extend God’s love and grace in the world.



These classes afford new members (as well as believers who seek to refresh their understanding of the church beliefs) an opportunity to strengthen their faith and deepen their knowledge of Jesus as Lord through an informal and relaxed group Bible study.  Each member receives a manual specially designed for new, inactive, and/or seasoned Christians who come together each Sunday (9:30 – 10:45am) for the purpose of discipleship enrichment and to encourage and affirm one another in faith with questions and answers about Christianity and membership with Mount Vernon.

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